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It 'a complete line of specific products for livestock, with which we want to provide the breeder an appropriate tool to deal with safety and professionalism the delicate field of nutrition and animal feeding.

Particular attention was given to the ruminant sector where it was pursued as a primary objective, the study of all those nutritional metabolic diseases which has made possible the formulation of essential products to prevent and address key breeding issues.

From complete products, which simultaneously brings a mix of vitamins, mineral salts and buffers,  others are added and were designed to specifically support the liver function or reproductive. Growing attention has been paid to dealing with the problem of pollution of food by mycotoxins; the answer is in a specific range and well-articulated sequestrants  and liver protection products.

For various animal species we  wanted to produce specific products based on yeast and essential oils omega3, whose action has been shown to be essential in the digestive phase as well as in the reproductive sphere.

The use of properly integrated products with ideal doses of vitamins and minerals (macro and micro elements) will also give an animal in good general condition, able to offer the best conversion ratios and productive performances.

New herbal products have recently also appears in the veterinary field, , born from intense studies about the healing properties of medicinal plants. Thanks to a careful selection of the best herbs collected in the most appropriate time, it was possible to formulate products which in some cases represent an alternative to traditional drugs. In addition, the standardization of quality control and product safety methods, and the use of medicinal plants with high therapeutic potential, have allowed for fast and economical solutions to health problems of common diffusion, offering better value for money and a increasingly widespread sense of naturalness.
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