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A wide range of descaling products, cleaning agents, disinfectants for cleaning and sanitation of the workplace, machinery and animals.

In addition to an effective fumigant disinfectant against bacteria and viruses (Gasteril) and an active oxygen-based disinfectant product (Bactivir O2), this line includes several products able to act on different types of organic and inorganic fouling, multipurpose degreasing agents, detergents descaling, cleaning and maintenance of the milking equipment, degreasing action sanitizing to be included in the protocols of cleaning and sanitation of HACCP plans, for sanitizing and deodorizing action detergents, specific products for degreasing and sanitizing of surfaces without rinsing and equipment.

The line also includes sanitizing detergents for animals to be used in the calving room, gentle shower shampoo for pets, pre and post-dipping products for dairy cows, cleaning, sanitizing and foaming creams fot hoof and udder  treatment, gels for sanitizing action rinse-free and hand-washing and sanitizing and detergent action for operators.

Particular attention was also given to the care and protection of the udder and feet of dairy cows. Dermatological ointments made from medicinal plant extracts that offer an intense decongestant, were created with the aim of improving the prevention and treatment of problems related udder sphere. Issues related to hoof diseases have been addressed with the formulation of substances directly applied as a spray or hoof baths that are especially useful in disorders of the soft tissues such as digital and interdigital dermatitis.

For the treatment of the litter and pits we have studied products with adsorbent and sanitizing powder (Neo Powdersan) and products based on  bacterial  selected cultures (Enzyfertil BSC), operating sanitizing action, while lowering the fumes and the presence of bad odors.
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