production / PET DIVISION

It 'a line of products for the care and welfare of  pets which includes natural products based on cod liver oil, particularly recommended during pregnancy and lactation, bio natural regulator for fertility and the hair, essential for the growth of young animals and pregnant or lactating subjects in which vitamin requirements are high, products to use after pregnancy and while lactating to prevent eclampsie and puerperal collapse, useful in the forms of osteoporosis and disorders of calcium-fixing in bone metabolism, in the forms of rickets and in the alterations of neuromuscular function.

The line is complemented by various specific types of shampoo for every need (mild shampoo for medium haired animals, ideal for puppies, shampoo based on essential oils for flea treatment, foam shampoo for short haired and long-haired animals, foam for cleansing and sanitizing treatment of delicate parts) and a product for professional and technical use for the prevention and adjuvant therapy of mycoses from Candida Tricophyton and microsporum.
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